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Happy November!

Last Week’s Menu

Unavailable… for now!  Send us a request if you would like to see a dish return.

Kitchari Rice

An Indian inspired rice dish made to be a resistant starch with organic lentils and fenugreek.

Brussels Sprout Slaw

Nutritious and full of fiber, our brussels sprout slaw is a tasty twist on a southern classic.

Butternut Squash Kale Quinoa Salad

Made with all organic superfood ingredients, this quinoa salad will keep you feeling great!

Cremini Chili

A heart healthy chili made with organic cremini mushrooms and cilantro. 

Carrot Fries with Pesto

Roasted organic carrots with the perfect amount of seasoning, served with our homemade pesto. 

Pesto Nutrition           Carrot Fries Nutrition 

Roasted Veggie Hummus

We take our organic hummus and blend in a medley of fresh organic vegetables for extra deliciousness and nutrition.

Raspberry Moo-Less Mousse

We make our moo-less mousse with all organic ingredients and zero processed sugars.  Treat yourself without any of the guilt!

Chocolate Hummus

A healthy indulgence, Harvest Oasis’s chocolate hummus is a dessert that tastes closer to rich fudge – Enjoy!

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