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Happy January!

Delivering On 01/29/21!

Tomato Zucchini Fritatta

Made with all organic ingredients, this Italian staple is a perfect and filling meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Picture of Indian Fried Rice Being Served on Plate
Spices and Seasonings on Spoon for 3 Bean Vegetable Chili Product

Indian Fried Rice

Nutritious, anti-inflammatory, and full of fiber, our Indian Fried Rice makes for a delicious and nourishing entree.

Butternut Squash Hummus with Feta and Pomegranates

A taste from the Mediterranean, our butternut squash hummus uses organic feta and pomegranates for a delicious sweet and salty kick.

Moroccan Veggie Stew

A heart healthy stew with organic tumeric, curry, and ginger.

Sweet, Salty, Spicy Party Nuts

A perfect blend of nutritious organic nuts and spices.

Sara’s Salad

A handcrafted salad with healthy organic ingredients and dressings.

Cocoa Bliss Balls


Treat yourself with a delicious and surprisingly healthy dessert made with zero processed sugar.

Closeup of Fresh Blueberries for Blueberry Moo-Less Mousse Product

Blueberry Crumble With Strawberries

A healthy indulgence, our crumble is made with all organic berries, almond flour, and zero processed sugars.

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