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LEarn about the “Whos”

Look below for a breakdown of “who” makes Harvest Oasis food different.

“who” makes up harvest oasis?

Local Chefs

Leave the cooking to us and our team of talented chefs.  Our chefs take inspiration from across the world for a varied and complex menu.

Sustainable Growers

We partner with sustainable farmers so you get the best and most nutritious produce available. 

Customer Focused Staff

Whether it is diet, allergies, or just somebody to talk to, Harvest Oasis has got your back.  Let us help you!

Unique Recipes

From southern delicacies to middle-eastern feasts, Harvest Oasis has healthy recipes for everyone’s tastebuds.

Knowledgeable Experts

Meet the H.O.U.S.E. experts and learn about healthy eating, maintaining optimum health, and the latest findings on diet and nutrition.

Amazing Members

Most of all, YOU are what make Harvest Oasis great!  Thank you for everything you do!

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