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OASIS Certified Kitchens

Let us handle the research, shopping, and cleaning so you and your family can relax.

Clean Kitchens for Better Health

At Harvest Oasis, we believe everyone should have healthy food options whether you are at work, school, or relaxing at home.  Too often, people are swept up in their busy lives and can’t find time to do the necessary nutrition research, selective shopping, and preparation to make a clean and healthy kitchen. 

Now you don’t have to.

Oasis Clean Kitchen Services

Our team of trained shoppers, chefs, and nutritionists will make sure you have the fuel you need for a happy and productive life.   Our job is to make sure everything is beneficial to you and your family’s health and remove any poisons, overly processed, and other harmful foods.  We replace the problem foods with sustainable and locally sourced ingredients that fit your diet and taste palate.

We Tackle Problem Foods For You

Through constant advertising, easy access, and misinformation, it is too easy to develop bad food habits.  Processed food might taste good in the moment, but it has long-lasting negative effects on your health, environment, and your wallet.  Let Harvest Oasis tackle problem foods for you and find delicious and healthy replacements.  

A Clean Kitchen is a Healthy Mind

Experience a Oasis certified kitchen and feel the difference.  Try our 3 week clean kitchen challenge and have the results speak for themselves!  

Harvest Oasis Weekly Selections

  All of our meals are certified OASIS Clean.  Help us fill your fridge with delicious and healthy meals and snacks.  Great for a busy lifestyle!

Hear From OASIS Customers


I knew I wasn’t making the best food choices for myself and my family, but life and work kept me occupied.  Harvest Oasis stepped in and completely revamped by kitchen for the better. The Oasis crew was so knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way!  

- Rakib Hasan

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