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Welcome Members!

This page is dedicated to our V.I.P. customers and H.O.U.S.E. members. Our goal is to help making choices that are good for our bodies, souls, and the earth.

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Learn About the “Whats” of Your Meals

  • What are the ingredients?
  • What is the nutritional value?
  • What diets does it support?

Learn About the “Whys” of Your Meals

  • Why is this an exceptional food choice?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • Why should you eat healthy?

Learn About The “Whos” of Your Meals

  • Who created the recipes
  • Who recommends this meal
  • Who benefits from this meal

Learn About the “Hows” of Your Meals

  • How does it improve your health?
  • How do the ingredients differ?
  • How is it made?

This Week’s Features

Mushroom Hummus

Fresh mushrooms add a savory kick to this classic snack.

Curried Chickpeas

Nutritious chickpeas blended in with spices and Indian curries. 

Asian Quinoa Salad

We added a tangy Asian twist to this nourishing salad.

Please help us do this right!

We are in this to support our members in making healthy eating choices and creating a healthier lifestyle for mind, body, soul and our earth.  We plan on doing this by delivering offer macro-irresistable, micro-nutritious meals with a minimal carbon footprint in every imaginable way.

Here’s where you come in! 

Please be an active member. 

Share your thoughts!  Our best ideas come from our memebrs.  Please share any ideas you have that we can do to make our food and services better for your and our members.  

Give us your HONEST feedback. When you are evaluating our food or service, honesty is the best policy. We promise we won’t get our feelings hurt.  Instead, we will make the changes necessary make things even better!


Have an idea to share?

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We take what you put in your body seriously, so all you have to do is worry about what tastes best. 

Clean, Contaminant-Free Food

All of our food comes from clean, contaminant-free sources with ethical, fair-trade practices.  

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Nutrient Rich Food

We serve no processed food with empty calories or processed starches and sugars. Since food is simply fuel for your body, all of our food would be considered “high octane fuel”.

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Delicious Culinary Miracles

Why is it that the best tasting food is bad for you and the food that is best for your body doesn’t taste that good?  

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Convenience and Five Star Customer Service

Our customers are like famile as we each follow our own individual journey to our body’s optimum health. You can order by app, online or by phone, and we offer curbsidepick-up  and daily scheduled deliveries.

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Complete Nutrition Analysis to Support Any Dietary Need

Our mission is to support your goal of eating the proper fuel for your body.  Each menu item we offer has it’s own web page a complete ingredient list and micronutrient analysis.  

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Educational, Ethical, Eco-Friendly

Our mission is to help people achieve a healthier diet and to be responsible stewards of our earth. We try to share our knowledge and resources to keep this earth as clean as possible.

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