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Healthy Body Fuel Starts Here.

The human body is the most amazing vehicle on earth, yet we totally abuse it.  While we would never add fertilizer, impurities and sugar to the gas tank of our motor vehicles, we pretty much let any corporation decide what we put in our human vehicles.

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Nutritious Food For Every Part Of Your Body

Food For Your Brain

Food For Heart 

Food For Digestion

Food For Jumpstart Weight Loss 

Bad Fuel Affects Every System In Your Body


At Harvest Oasis, we make sure all of our ingredients are chemical and additive free so you don’t have to.  Let Harvest Oasis help you eat and feel better.

Feel the Difference with Harvest Oasis Meal Plans 

Feel your best with a personally catered meal plan from Harvest Oasis.  We take your allergies, diet, nutrition, and personal taste in account when creating a personal meal plan.  Enjoy your life without having to worry about picking the right foods!

Our health comes from the soil. 

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About Agroecology

Argoecology is a Ecological based approach to agriculture.  Many of Argoecology’s tenets run parallel with our mission at Harvest Oasis.  This includes recycling, sustainability, animal welfare, bio-diversity, fairness, and connectivity between producers and consumers.

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Consequences Of What We Buy From The Supermarket

Lost Nutrition

We prepare our foods with nutrition in mind.  We make sure to minimally process our meals and pick the most wholesome ingredients so you get the most nutrition out.  No microwaves at Harvest Oasis 

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We pride ourselves in sustainability at Harvest Oasis.  We make sure all of our packaging is reusable and recyclable.  Just rinse out your glass container and return it at the end of the week, we will take care of the rest.

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Agricultural Chemicals

At Harvest Oasis, we follow the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” classifications so you don’t have to worry about pesticides or herbicides in your food.  All of our ingredients are additive and chemical free as well!

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Farm Factories

Supporting sustainable growers is one of Harvest Oasis’s mantras.  We foster relationships with local farmers in order to bring you the most nutritious, delicious, and sustainable foods straight to your door!

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Macrotaste. Microwaste.

Being responsible stewards of our earth is important to us. We look to conserve our carbon footprint anywhere we can, including:

  • Electric Vegetarian Vehicles (Vegetable Oil)
  • Solar-Powered Kitchen & Office
  • Decomposable Packaging
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