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Dr. Terry Wahls

MD, Author & TEDx Speaker

“By improving the environment for our cells through better nutrition, eliminating toxins, minimizing food sensitivities, and increasing exercise and stress-reducing activities, many people experience steady improvements in their health.”

-Dr. Terry Wahls on her website

Dr. Terry Wahls is a contemporary example of how standard American foods make people sick, and how anti-inflammatory foods act as medicine and make people well.  In 2007 Dr. Wahls had a diagnosis of advanced stage Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was mostly confined to a wheelchair. Western medicine said there was no hope her symptoms would improve. Dr. Wahls intensively studied the available research and designed a diet to provide the nutrients her research determined was needed. Within a year she was walking again, even riding a bike. To this day her MS is in remission and she leads an active life, and is working full time.


The Wahls Protocol

In her 2014 book, “The Wahls Protocol” Dr. Terry Wahls chronicles her journey from being wheelchair bound to healing her Multiple Sclerosis with strict diet and nutrition.  Modern medicine was not effective in treating her MS so she began researching vitamins and diets that could help her condition.  After discovering stunning results, Dr. Terry Wahls made it her mission to share this information for others who are suffering from auto-immune diseases.  In “The Wahls Protocol,” Dr. Terry Wahls advocates and shares her plan and lifestyle to treat and even reverse many chronic auto-immune diseases.

The Wahls Protocol has become a sensation, transforming the lives of people with autoimmune diseases. Now in this fully revised edition, Dr. Terry Wahls outlines the latest research that validates the program and offers new, powerful tools to arm readers and help them achieve total health.

The Wahls Protocol comes out of Dr. Wahls’ own quest to treat the debilitating symptoms she experiences as a sufferer of progressive MS. Informed by science, she began using Paleo principles as guidelines for her unique, nutrient-rich plan. This book shares Dr. Wahls’ astonishing personal story of recovery and details the program, with up-to-date research she’s now conducting at the University of Iowa.  

Split into three different levels, this updated edition allows readers to choose the modified Wahls Diet if they’re new to the regime, the Wahls Paleo Diet if they’re ready to amp up their health, or the more advanced Wahls Paleo Plus Diet if they need more aggressive treatment. They can also incorporate the just-added Wahls Elimination Diet into their plan to pinpoint individual food sensitivities, so their diet is as personal as ever.

With new recipes and content on intermittent fasting and how the protocol impacts the microbiome, The Wahls Protocol is a key addition to the “whole food” revolution, and a deeply moving, results-driven testimonial to the healing power of food.

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