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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve human health and the health of our planet.

We do this by educating our communities, connecting and supporting local resources, and by providing clean, delicious food at affordable prices.

Our Promise

Harvest Oasis food is ALWAYS nutrient dense, fiber filled, and toxin free!

Our Core Values Are

Learn, Teach, and Be

We are Learning…

  • How food becomes medicine, and how food delivers medicine.
  • That lifestyle practices address root causes of chronic illness and restore health.
  • How chemical-free farming creates healthy soil that draws down carbon and reverses climate change.

We are Teaching…

  • That natural food grown in healthy soil is medicine.
  • How to be healthy, get well, and stay strong naturally by using the principles of Lifestyle Medicine.
  • That regenerative agriculture is a solution to the climate crisis.

We are Being…

  • A provider of delicious, nutritious, healthy food.
  • A place where everything you learn about is helpful for you and the planet.
  • A community hub that networks local resources and increases local demand for clean food.


Feel Better Fast With Harvest Oasis Food 

The primary mission of Harvest Oasis is to change the world’s unhealthy, contaminated food supply to a clean, nutritious, and healthy one. We do this by educating our communities, connecting and supporting local resources, and by providing clean, delicious food at affordable prices. 

  • We believe that the world’s food production has, over the last 50 years, increasingly focused on productivity and profits. As a result, our bodies are being deprived of essential nutrients and are slowly being damaged by man-made chemicals.
    • We identify the nutrient deficiencies and the toxins in foods and beverages.
    • We educate the public on these silent causes of illness, to rapidly increase the demand for “clean food.”
    • Lastly, we create a network of clean, healthy food providers to rapidly increase the supply of uncontaminated, toxin-free foods.
  • We will never sacrifice nutrient value for sales, convenience, productivity, or profits. All food we offer will provide high-nutrient value-per-calorie.  We will never offer “empty-calorie foods” like sodas and candies.
  • Our natural food will reset taste buds to enjoy all Mother Nature’s flavors, aromas, and nourishment of herbs, spices, fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, vegetables, and healthy fats. Reclaim your taste buds from overexposure to hyper-processed food. Highly processed foods and fast foods are really “food-like” substances. They are not natural, and human beings are not designed to eat them. The scientists that design them are called “cravability experts.” They rely heavily on combinations of sugar, salt, fat, and crunchy texture to attract customers and “hook” them on their products. 
  • We will continually educate our neighbors, friends, and community leaders about the benefits of clean, healthy eating.
  • We carefully vet and approve our menu offerings. All recipes undergo a micronutrient analysis. Every meal is sampled by our diverse taste-test team. Only foods with 5-star approval make it to the Oasis menu.
  • We will lead the food service industry in safety, embracing technology and science to provide the safest food preparation and acquisition—during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
  • We will always respect our earth and humanity. Moreover, we will always maintain the smallest carbon footprint, and never support inhumane or immoral business practices. 
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